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RELACART MU1 Live Broadcast Microphone for Smart Phone & Camera
Price RM149.00 RM189.00
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Brand Relacart
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  •  Unidirectional microphone, attenuates environmental noise effectively.
  • Rubber anti-vibration design, filtering mechanical vibration noise generated during recording.
  • 3.5mm TRS to TRRS interface, compatible with SLR cameras, mobile cameras, smartphones, computers and other recording equipment.
  • Metal material, sturdy and durable.
  • Compatible with APPLE IPHONE & ANDROID Phone

RELACART MU1 Live Broadcast Microphone for Smart Phone & Camera

Compatible with Apple Iphone & Android Phone

Unidirectional  microphone

A Unidirectional microphone that provides high-quality audio pickup for photography, interviews, recordings, and live broadcasts. It uses a high-sensitivity electret caupsule combined with a gun-type tube made of all-aluminum to effectively resist RF interference signals. Achieves cardioids sound pick-up, disperse the environmental noise of photography or recording, capture the required sound perfectly and clearly. Equipped with anti-vibration frame to reduce hard noise caused by equipment vibration during photography and interviews; matched with fur windshield can suppress outdoor wind noise; 3.5mm TRS to TRRS interface, compatible with SLR cameras, mobile cameras, smartphones, computers and other recording equipment. 


What is the difference between connectors?
1. 3.5mm connector-suitable for smartphone, tablet or Mac.
2. 3.5mm connector-suitable for video cameras, camcorders, recorders and other audio / video recording equipment

Product installation settings
1. Insert the microphone body into the shock mount. Make sure the microphone body is centered and well-balanced.
2. Connect the windshield to the front of the microphone body. The curved position of the bracket will accommodate the shape of the microphone body and hold it in place.
3. Connect the 3.5mm dual channel output cable to the 3.5mm output jack of the microphone .

Using a microphone with a smartphone, tablet or Mac
1. Plug the 3.5mm connector into the audio jack of your smartphone, tablet or Mac.
2. Open an audio or video recording application and start recording

Install to camera
1. Before mounting on the camera, turn the retaining ring on the microphone shoe mount counterclockwise to release it.
2. Slide the camera hot shoe into the camera holder. After mount the microphone, tighten the retaining ring clockwise.
3. Connect the 3.5mm output cable to the output jack on the rear of the microphone and the other side of the 3.5mm output cable to the camera's "audio input" jack

Camera installation settings
The RE-MU1 does not require a battery to operate, but requires built-in power through the microphone input of your camera. For the best performance of RE-MU1, please set the audio input of your camera as below.
Audio input: microphone input
Audio level / gain control: manual (if possible)
Plug-in power: Power on
* Refer to the instructions provided with your camera for instructions on setup the audio settings.

Mounting to a pole or microphone stand
1. Attach the thread on the bottom of the camera hot shoe holder to your pole or microphone stand.
2. Turn clockwise to tighten. Don't be too tight.



Specification :


Microphone: Condenser
Polar pattern: Unidirectional
Max.Input Sound Pressure Level: 110dB
Frequency response: 100Hz-18000KHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity: -40dB ± 2dB
S / N :> 58dB
Operating Voltage Range: 1V ~ 10V
Max.Operation Voltage: 10V
Plug: 3.5mm TRS
Dimension: 21.5 (Φ) x72 (L)
Net weight: 35g



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What's in the box

1.Furry windshield
3. 3.5mm audio jacket
4. Shockproof frame
5. Camera hot shoe mounting
6. 3.5mm microphone output cable
7. 3.5mm dual channel output cable